The Official

This Week in Star Wars

Figure Count

I began keeping a running tally of the Hasbro figures in 2005, when it became clear that the line wasn’t going away, and the it was going to grow beyond the ability of anyone to easily keep track of.  There is no “official” definition of what a figure is and no two people who set out to accomplish this task would reach the same answer.  I offer mine of reference and entertainment purposes only.  I welcome comments, suggestions and omissions.  I try to explain my methodology on the first page of the chart, but it can be summarized like this:  If you bought every Hasbro product released since 1995, how many figures would you have?  The trick, of course, is determining what was “released” and what sort of qualifiers do you attach.  I have limited my list to releases in the United States only, so the Episode I pack-in Battle Droids and Pit Droids, exclusives from non-U.S. conventions, etc. are not included.  This isn’t the result of any jingoistic purpose, but simply because I don’t have confidence in my ability to be aware of all figures available in other countries.  Also, at this point, I have not included the vintage Kenner figures.  There is no particular reason for this, and if you wish to add them to the total, simply add 92 (or 95.  or 96.  or 98...  See what I mean?)

As I said, feel free to use the chart as you see fit.  I only ask that, if circulated, you properly attribute it.  It is available on Google Docs and as an Excel File.  Thanks!